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gearboxtheory ([personal profile] gearboxtheory) wrote2010-07-15 04:14 am

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I hate my brain.  Here's a quick list to summarize the last two hours for me
  • Watch Food Network
  • Ponder virtue of chef/restaurateur career vs the other lines of work I occasionally ponder
  • Find some small amusement in my belief that I need to live many more lifetimes before I accomplished half of what I'd like to re: career/hobbies/life experiences.
  • Ponder LJ post about it, to get myself more in the habit of communicating with the outside world
  • Become despondent as thoughts of spending at least one of those lifetimes as a hikkikomori leads to wondering why I live so much like one now.
  • Further depress myself by reading up on adult ADD, finding the list of primary symptoms to be an almost perfect mirror of what I've long concluded are the primary faults keeping me in my current rut.
  • Finally get back to this post, completely rewriting it.
Now if only I could stop procrastinating long enough to actually seek professional help...

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