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gearboxtheory ([personal profile] gearboxtheory) wrote2011-02-08 07:54 pm

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So I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in my accounting class- possibly one of the few taking the course in any class this semester- that actually understands what's going down.

Had our first exam out of three today.  Was worried about the multiple choice section because the language they use can be needlessly cryptic, but I managed to nail it perfectly.  The other half consisted of putting together various financial reports.  Almost perfect, except I'm not sure if I got one particularly cryptic account entry right.  Oh, and when they made the test, one of the figures was wrong, so basically everyone's third report wasn't balancing, at least until the test proctors caught it.

After I got out though, my god.  Everyone was talking about how worried they were, how they never did this stuff in the same way taking business courses in high school (didn't have that shit BACK IN MY DAY)  and one guy mentioning how he figures it takes everyone about three tries to actually pass the course.

I managed to act like I understood how they felt, and didn't give them even a tiny shit-eating grin.

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