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Right. So I came to a conclusion this morning. And that conclusion is that I'll likely need people to playtest the 4e classes I'm building.




Although not quite standard D&D, obviously.

Will give you a good start on what the world will be like- and I can point anyone that wants to see the series in the right direction.

And one last note, this obviously won't be happening very soon- but I thought it might be wise to try and stir up some early interest.

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Call Satan, now's the time to get him to sign on the dotted line for those heavy down coats you've been meaning to unload.

That's right.  I'm posting.

I'm actually proud of myself for once- I've been sitting on at least a half-dozen "will get this done eventually" projects, and they're finally starting to come together.  The biggest of all is still my promise to /tg/ to create 4e classes based on the French MMO Wakfu.  While I'm still not any further than my notes on what primary/secondary roles each class will fill and a few lines of generic fluff for each... I have an aplication some brilliant bastard threw together that allows the creation of custom 4e classes, powers, and power cards.  I'm now officially pyched about this project again... and about Wakfu in general. 

so now that I've just discovered two new episodes will finally be airing by the end of the month.  ...and now I'm remembering I need to find subs for the last three.
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took this   And It's interesting- but either not entirely accurate, or more accurate than I am at reading myself.


And the envelope please... )


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Full of rage.

And booze. But mostly rage.
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Bringing this back online to join a RP community and goddamn son. reading back on one's own thoughts from 2 years ago and more is an interesting thing. All evidence of whining and emo will be purged when I'm not fucking hung over. It's a new day, I may still be chock-ful-o-self-loathing, but I'm at least not going to piss on and whine about it anymore.

Time for another nap.
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yes, it still has a firm grip on my soul, and i wish i could play it 8 hours a day, but i don't, cause i know i can't
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and it's back to work again- someone showed up to turn on the water
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Well, i very nearly lost my job this morning. Got in to work to find the water had been cut off. after about an hour of calling around, we finally get word to the owner so he can contact the water company, but in the mean-time, he wants us to open up anyway. neither myself, the manager on duty, or our GM thought this to be a good idea, since being open requires the handling of raw chicken, and cleaning out the two fryers that we did have up and running used all the water that was left in the hot water heater; we were also wary of opening because we've had a health inspection looming over us for about two months, and if the health inspector showed up with us open and without water, the restaurant would be shut down immediately. about 20 min after the GM called to tell us we'd be lying to the owner about being open if he should call, a vehicle pulled into the lot that nearly made me shit my pants. "Wake County" govt. logo on the door, State-owned permanent plates, it had to be a health inspector. knees shaking, i hauled ass to the back to grab the manager; luckily, they were only checking in to make sure we were not open- word gets around when a business is without utilitys require by law for operation. Now, i'm home, waiting for word from work, since the owner doesn't want to be paying a driver to stand around waiting for the water to get turned back on, but i feel sorry for my manager, because he's got to stand around the restaurant, waiting and hoping our regular health inspector doesn't show up- the guy who will likely shut us down if he see's somebody just milling around inside, everything half-prepped for opening.
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You are a

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You are best described as a:


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fucking tired because i was at work until 3, pisse because i've got to go back at 10 tomorrow and deal with tailgating and parties, solo no less, for the game between NCSU and Chapel Hill (NCSU's biggest rival, if you're not familiar), and my fucking face hurts because i rushed through shaving because the god damned owner is going to be in at work tomorrow and he's a pissy little bitch if i've got so much as a five-o-clock shadow with my goatee (techinically i believe it's a Van Dyke, but right now technically can fuck itself , and then go fuck Webster just for good measure.)

at least by the time i get off work tomorrow, i'll be in better spirits. walking home with $50+ in your pocket after work is always good.
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heh, the last ep of Cowboy Bebop still makes me cry. and now i'm off to bed
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Woke up about an hour ago, and had some inspiration. Eventually, i'd like to have my own game production studio, and i had always wanted to name it something that had the same general feel as the name "Studio Dive to Dream Sea" (Muyung Jin Lee's manga studio, the guy who created the Ragnarok manga RO is based on). When i woke up a while ago, it was in the middle of a dream which not only gave me a good idea for the name, but a hell of an intro sequence. just finished writing it out, i'm quite happy with it, but i may tweak it some in the future.

Driving camera, speeding along a slowly curving, unmarked road. Scenery on right dominates- two rows of trees, first immediately next to road, second is offset from first, and rising just above them on a slope a few yards behind. Hill is covered in grass, with small walking paths just behind first row, and stairs between every few trees in second row, hinting at a path behind it as well. Trees have dense trunks, and well-manicured, rounded tops; first row appears approx. 15-20 ft. tall, second row slightly taller, so as to rise to same height as first row above the second walking path. Willows dominate left side of road, with a path behind, benches placed next to each tree. Camera continues on this view for a time, and then begins to slow; an intersection comes into view, the camera stopping just before it. A mix of trees, with the corner of a building, brick with mirrored glass, visible behind on left, and more trees on right, lines the intersecting road. Massive oaks ahead dominate the path, their ancient branches reaching out over the road to create a canopy through which the sun can be seen shining brightly. Fade in white text “Verdant Way”, and feather quill, which proceeds to write the word “Studio” in flowing cursive above.

and hopefully someday, people will be seeing this bit when they boot up one of their favorite games ^^
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Bah... i just don't know anymore. where i'm going, where i want to go, if the two are even remotely related. so much confusion, so much stress, so many old memories, guess it's just all too much. i just hope i can figure out my life before it's too late to live it the way i want
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You scored as Kakashi. You�re a bit of a mystery; no-one knows when you are smiling behind that mask. You genarally appear laid back, have a bad habit of being late and don�t seem to care much. However, you�ve got the sharpest mind. I never ever would want to get in a fight with you � you can be very dangerous when you want to.




Rock Lee


















Which Naruto ninja are you most like?
created with

now i'm going to bed damnit... the more i think, the worse my day is gonna get.
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well, after laying in bed for nigh on... well, really only about 3 hours since i got off work, but regardless, cann'a sleep, so i've been surfing teh web, and now i post. i'm going to rip this from a friend's LJ, but since i don't know how to link LJs and don't feel like finding out how, you're SOL if you want to know where it came from.

- 10 years ago
I started middle school, and met the friends that went from the core of the first half of said decade, to near-strangers now. seems college really does do nasty shit like that.

- 5 years ago
i was half-way through HS, met the second person i consider more family than those related to me by blood, and life was all in all amazing.

- 1 year ago
I failed. college, to be exact, but it felt more like my life as a whole. before that day, i was proud to say that if i could live my life over, i wouldn't change a thing.

- Tomorrow
more of the grind, shuffling through a fog thick enough to blind a Londoner, with nothing leading me on except a faint, and unpleasantly oily voice telling me i can still reach my dreams if i keep up the pace

- 5 snacks I enjoy -
pop-tarts, my home-made chocolate chip cookies (and as much as i love her, Neko will never make better cookies than mine), wild-cherry pepsi (NOT COKE!), ramen, and various cereals straight from the box

- 5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs –
3 Doors Down, Linkin Park (no, i'm not emo, so stfu), Yoko Kanno (the only name i know to credit for most of the Cowboy Bebop OST), Ayumi Hamasaki, Frank Sinatra

- 5 things I would do with a $100,000,000 -
get back into school, buy a house, stock up on cool shit (tech, games, manga, etc), go to Japan, go to Scotland

- 5 locations I would like to run away to –
Japan, Scotland, New York, Italy, the Carrbbiean (and to hell with spelling, i no thinky good with no sleep!)

- 5 bad habits I have -
Procrastinating, getting distracted/caught up in games, not shaving on a regular basis, bottling up my feelings at the worst possible times,

- 5 things I like doing -
gaming, reading, eating, living, being with my loved ones (friends, family, etc)

- 5 things I will never wear –
polo shirt with pressed khakis (not including stuff required by my job), white shoes fucking EVER, sweater vests, a mesh shirt without anything under/over it (unless i get in much better physical condition and have someone female and very attractive coerce me into it), a letter jacket

- 5 T.V. shows I like(d) -
FLCL, Family Guy, Beast Wars, Thundercats (my dad got me hooked on the show, ain't that awesome?), Dragon Booster

- 5 movies I like –
LoTR trilogy (i think of them as one, at least), Fight Club, Dark Crystal, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

- 5 people I'd like to meet -
Myung Jin Lee, my grandfather on mother's side (died before i was born, but i hear we would've had a lot in common), my dad (yeah, i've met him, but he's an awesome person and a lot like me, and i wish he could be a bigger part of my life, Shigeru Miyamoto, the wonderful people that i've become so close too online, but live hundreds of miles away from.

- 5 biggest joys at the moment –
WoW, remembering my college days (also not so joyful in a big way, but meh), Neko, Sora (my cat), my winamp playlist

- 5 favorite toys –
legos, my computer, PS2, Gamecube, gundam kits
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"One thing i really like about you Chris, is that unlike me, you are always yourself, no matter the situation."

the words of a man who has earned my respect and trust more than anyone else in the world. though i am an only child, i think of him as a brother. these words i will always remember and try to live up to.
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well, just finished Half-Blood Prince, loved it, was blubbering for about the last 100-ish pages, and i REALLY want the last book- i want blood, and when you're finished with this one, you'll know damn well who's.
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because i dedicate my life to funny shit like this (after my girlfriend and videogames, of course), here's the latin version of Baby got Back ^__^

o consortes (quid est?) o consortes (quid est?)
(O colleagues [What is it?] O colleagues [What is it?])

habent amicae vestrae magnas clunes? (certe habent!)
(Do your girlfriends have large buttocks? [They certainly have!])

hortamini igitur ut eas quatiant (ut quatiant!)
(Encourage them therefore to shake them! [To shake them!])

ut quatiant! (ut quatiant!)
(To shake them! [To shake them!)

ut quatiant illas clunes sanas!
(To shake those healthy buttocks!)

domina mea exstat a tergo! (*6)
(My mistress stands out behind!)
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